Thanks to energy deregulation, as a homeowner you now have the opportunity to choose your energy provider from dozens of sources in your area. You can take control of your energy costs and keep your bills affordable. Gas bills seem to get higher and higher, and the introduction of a competition into the system can help to significantly lower prices.

If your state now offers deregulated energy, you can choose which gas company you want supplying your home. You will need to consult with an ESCO or energy service company like Maximum Power and Gas to lower your bills and save monthly on gas. You will still receive your energy through the local utility as you do now, so there won’t be any interruption in service when you switch over.

You could be paying too much for gas! Contact us today to see if we can provide you with better rates. Many people don’t take advantage of energy deregulation the way they ought to, but the next time you’re looking at your bills and wondering how to lower them, remember that Maximum Power and Gas can help. We will work with you and your utility company to make sure that you are the best possible service at competitive rates. Call us today!

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