How It Works

Fundamentally, energy deregulation gives consumers the power to choose who supplies them with energy. As a consumer, this affects you in two ways:

1) You can save money on your energy bills by choosing the energy supplier who offers the least expensive rates on gas. You may notice that your bill has a separate “generation” and “delivery” charge. You can choose the rate that goes into the “generation” portion with energy deregulation, allowing you to immediately save on your energy bills each month as soon as you switch. Prior to deregulation, you were forced to live with the prices charged by your local utility service.

2) You can choose the energy provider who offers you the best terms, deals or perks. For instance, if you would like a provider with price protection, a rewards program or other special deals, you can now do so. As deregulation becomes more common, more and more energy providers will offer safeguards against economic conditions such as the rise or fall in fuel prices. You will simply have more choice and be able to make an informed decision with the help of an ESCO like Maximum Power and Gas.

How Does It Work?

Retail energy suppliers, or utility companies, purchase energy from energy producers. ESCOs are able to negotiate on your behalf with energy producers to keep costs low. Because ESCOs buy energy at wholesale prices, and because they are efficient deregulated companies, they are able to sell energy at a discounted rate.

The best part about deregulation is that you don’t have to experience any service interruption. The change in price consists of a change in a few databases to connect you with the most competitive ESCO, which happens to be Maximum Power and Gas. The only changes are the sources from which you receive your energy. Your utility company will handle any repairs and delivery issues you might have.

Ultimately, energy deregulation helps you pay less for the same energy. Contact Maximum Power and Gas to see how much you can save on your monthly gas bills starting today!